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Learn all about recruitment

What does a developer do? How does the IT department of a tech giant work? Why does a start-up need a data analyst? To be the best tech recruiter, you need to really understand tech. Don’t know the answers yet? Don’t worry - our academy is perfectly designed to teach you all the ins and outs of the tech industry, including what language is spoken, how IT networks were established, and how they work together. 

Work while you learn

You grow by doing, so our apprentices work while they learn, and learn while they work. We’ll link you directly with fascinating companies from our network so you can try out your new skills in real time, in a real environment, and with real people.  


Develop your style

We’ve said it before - WeAreKeen might still be a start-up, but we're mighty. The benefit of working in a small team is that every voice counts, which means it’s important we help our recruiters develop their own voice. Through personal coaching, working with mentors, and sharing experiences with your fellow trainees, we’ll help you develop your style — and no, not clothing style. We charge extra for that. 

Recruitment 'building blocks' 

Block 1 - Your own coach | personal development & leadership

Block 2 - The rise of tech | history / companies / teams / methods

Block 3 - Job advertising | building talent pools

Block 4 - Become a sourcing hero | sourcing & expert sourcing

Block 5 - Engagement is key | contacting and selling to candidates

Block 6 - Interviewing is a trade | learn from the best 

Block 7 - Making an offer & on-boarding | closing the deal 

Block 8 - Social media, personal branding | you rock this

Block 9 - Business partnering | stakeholder management

Block 10 - Growth-Hacking | Be smarter and learn from the best