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What we do

We’re in the people business. Sounds weird, right? But it’s very simple: we’re the people who help you find people to find you even more people. Got it? Our job is to source and train the best tech recruiters in Europe, and connect them with you - think of us like matchmakers. We like to do things a bit differently. Not sure if you’ve heard, but we’ve created one of the most unique tech recruitment apprenticeships in Europe.  So whether you’re an employer looking to scale their business or someone interested in strengthening their recruitment skills, we’d love to work with you! 

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I am Vera

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@ Rabobank

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I am Kaisa

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@ Takeaway.com

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I am Michaela

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Tech Recruiter

I am Justin

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 @ Takeaway.com


I am Lina

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@ WeAreKeen!

Innovation is about people 

So what happens to these recruiters we train? They take co-ownership of the companies they join — kind of like a family, they share your company’s wins, and help overcome any losses. The only difference is you’ll see them for more than just holidays. Our recruiters learn everything about candidates: how they work, what drives them, and what their favourite color is. Finding out what makes candidates tick is essential to making the right match. 

We do it together

Participants of our apprenticeship program benefit from our years of experience, but we don’t do it on our own. Our global network of industry experts is crucial in sharing their wisdom, ensuring our new recruiters emerge like beautiful butterflies - and leaders in the field of tech recruitment. But WeAreKeen is so much more than just an apprenticeship program. We partner with our customers to build their recruitment processes and scale their business.  We also have a deep understanding of technology that extends far beyond “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” 

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